Anthony Flores is a visual artist based in Texas.

Beyond sending a message, my work serves as a memory. I seek to inspire my audience to more fully experience life, to tell stories as they age, given that their time is limited. This body of work presents a visual representation of my understanding of memory and aesthetic in reality. The use of color theory and forced fantasy in the real world is used primarily to provoke. The message I communicate here necessitates the organization of diverse media. Only through this visual composition can my work accurately portray the thematic landscape of memory developed in my mind. 

Exhibitions +
Publications +

2013    GoldCoast Skateboards / #DevelopYourEye (Book)

2014    St. Edward's University / Student Juried Exhibition
              St. Edward's University / Hilltop Views
              Vogue Italia Online
              VSCO Weekly Selects

2015    Giuseppina Magazine / Issue No. 27: The Lace Issue              
              Free Press Houston / Local Love: Mantra Love              
              CABRA: Issue No.1 / Fall 2015
              VSCO Weekly Selects

2016     CABRA: Issue No.2 / Spring 2016
               Singularity / Convergence Exhibition : St. Edward's University
               St. Edward's University / Hilltop Views
               St. Edward's University / Sorin Oak Review                
               ANON Magazine / Photographers On Our Radar: Anthony Flores

2017     Vogue Italia Online
              LOVE Exhibition / Heaven Starr / Unit C Gallery
              Untitled (How Does It Feel) Exhibition / Private Eye Gallery
              It’s All In Your Head Solo Exhibition / Unit C Gallery