Anthony Flores is an artist based in Texas.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who strives to influence the audience to feel comfortable with getting lost within themselves. Beyond sending a message, my work serves as a memory. The use of color theory and forced fantasy in the real world is used primarily to provoke. The message I communicate here necessitates the organization of diverse media. Only through this visual composition can my work accurately portray the thematic landscape of what it means to be human in my mind.

Archivero is a pseudonym. Archivero is Anthony Flores.

Based on the spanish word for “archive” or “archivist”, Archivero represents moments of reality that have been stored for collection. By allowing yourself to become aware of the people and environments around you, you can open up in more ways than you thought possible. The aim for creation is to bring into light the identity, awareness, spirituality, and any questions about oneself. Through the use of vivid colors, various settings and clear representation of individual identities, I hope to promote the understanding, the impact, and importance of moments in time. 

Exhibitions +
Publications +

2013     GoldCoast Skateboards / #DevelopYourEye (Book)

2014     St. Edward's University / Student Juried Exhibition
              St. Edward's University / Hilltop Views
              Vogue Italia Online
              VSCO Weekly Selects

2015     Giuseppina Magazine / Issue No. 27: The Lace Issue              
              Free Press Houston / Local Love: Mantra Love              
              CABRA: Issue No.1 / Fall 2015
              VSCO Weekly Selects

2016      CABRA: Issue No.2 / Spring 2016
               Singularity / Convergence Exhibition : St. Edward's University
               St. Edward's University / Hilltop Views
               St. Edward's University / Sorin Oak Review                
               ANON Magazine / Photographers On Our Radar: Anthony Flores

2017     Vogue Italia Online
              LOVE Exhibition / Heaven Starr / Unit C Gallery
              Untitled (How Does It Feel) Exhibition / Private Eye Gallery
              It’s All In Your Head / Solo Exhibition at Unit C Gallery
              Tearz (DJ Profile) / Day For Night Festival
              Website Photography / Private Eye Gallery

2018     Ledef for Unsound Festival
              Rabit for Electronic Beats Magazine (EU)
              Everything You Remember / Solo Exhibition at Blank Check Gallery